Amazing Spider-Man #36 (9/11 Issue)

I just rereadAmazing Spider-Man #36 and am close to tears. For those of you unfamiliar with the issue, it is the one involving 9/11. I honestly…I need to break this down so you can see how this makes me feel.

The second page…the first page where you see Spider-Man…and where the towers stood. Spider-Man’s reaction is what I imagine most people’s reactions were at that time. “…God…”.

The next page, the civilians asking Spidey, “Where were you?” and “How could you let this happen?” This page, and Spidey’s thoughts about these questions show you how helpless many people felt, including the superheroes.

A few pages later, showing the supervillains there. Showing that, no matter how bad these villains were supposed to be, even they felt that the attack was too much. Dr. Doom’s tears at the bottem of the page nearly kills me…

When I come to the page that depicts what happened on United 93, I have to stop. I saw the movie, andeven then I had to pause it partwat through. Those people…they were heroes…

The page showing a broadcast where people are pointing fingers saying we had that coming angers me. This country is great. We have our faults, every country does. But no country deserved that.

And…God…the one thought caption…”Bodies in freefall on the evening news.”…it sends chills down my spine. I think back to the movie ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’. I think of the scenes were Tom Hanks is falling from the towers. I realie Hanks is only an actor and that that did not happen to him, but it did happen to others.

The scene with the little boy…oh, God, I’m going to cry…”—And if I wait and stay and I don’t leave he’ll be okay, because I’ll do what he told me, and—”…I knew what was coming next. I had a gut feeling. But seeing the firefighters haul away the body of the man I knew was the kid’s father, before it was revealed, killed me. And then the next panel…Spidey holding the kid, the kid having tears in his eyes. And Spidey holding the kid back on the next page as the kid screams for his dad…

"There are no words. There are no words."

And then going to Cap. Bringing up the fact that this is the second time Captain America saw an attack on American soil (the first being Pearl Harbor).

"I wish I had not lived to see this once."

I’m sorry…I…I just had to share my feelings about this. Even if noone reads it, I just had to put this out there.

If anyone would like to read the issue, you can find it in the “free comics” section on the Marvel Digital Comics page. I definitely suggest reading it. Even if you don’t like comic books.

Oh God…I think I’m gonna reread it one more time and maybe have myself a good cry…